Maruzen eText Service

Introduction to Maruzen eText Service Electronic Textbook Platform

What is Maruzen eText Service?

Maruzen eText Service is a cloud-based platform for accessing electronic textbooks. This app is for individual use, and we ask each teacher and student to download the app and obtain textbooks.

Click here for a Quick Reference on how to use the app. 


The viewer application has recently upgraded from ActLearn2 to EDX UniText. The ActLearn2 video below will be updated soon, but there are not major changes to the features and functions. In the meantime, please refer to this video for help with the app. 



Features of Maruzen eText Service

  • The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad/iPhone), Android.
  • Browser version also available.
  • With the app, users can access downloaded textbooks offline.
  • Users can register up to 3 devices and the devices are synced when connected to the internet.
  • Users cannot export or print textbooks from their bookshelf to prevent unauthorized reproduction/circulation.
  • Simultaneous access on up to 3 devices per ID
    Multi Devices
    Annotations are synced across devices.*Not automatic on browser version.
    Users cannot deregister devices, so please contact us with such requests.

Download and Install EDX UniText for Maruzen eText Service

  • Click here to download EDX UniText.
  • Access to purchased eTextbooks procedure
    1. Install App
    2. Login with Organization Code, ID, Password
    3. Tap gray cover image on your bookshelf to start download.
    4. Cover will appear once downloaded.


Maruzen eText Service Browser Version

Please access the browser version here.

※Please use the URL above to bookmark the page. If you encounter an error with accessing the website from your bookmarks, please check the bookmarked URL.

※On the browser version, login with ID/password only. Textbooks do not need to be downloaded.

※The annotations (highlighting, comments, etc.) are not automatically saved when using the browser version. Please save the annotations before closing the e-textbook by opening the settings menu and clicking “Save to Server” (サーバーに保存).


  • Users can customize the bookshelf, like folders in their computer. Users can organize the books by categories such as first semester, Tuesday, Prof. XX’s class.
  • Users can conduct a full text search across all textbooks in the bookshelf.
  • User manual is available on the bookshelf.

Various Uses

  • With Maruzen eText Service, you can use multiple textbooks simultaneously and watch videos while you reach the textbook.
  • You can take notes on PowerPoint or Word and view the online class while you read the textbook.
  • With iPad, you can use split view to read textbooks while using another app.
If you have any questions about how to use Maruzen eText Service, please contact us below. We also appreciate any feedback about features and functions. We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

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